Why should I share my company documents?

Trans.eu System users usually start cooperation with those contractors that they know more about.
By completing your company profile with missing documents you build up your company’s credibility
and get more orders.

Step 1

Prepare documents in an electronic form (files must be in JPG, PNG or GIF formats) and click on the user icon.

Step 2

In the Edit User profile window click on the Documents tab.

Step 3

In the next window choose type of a document that you want to attach.

Step 4

Click on Browse and select the document to be added. Click on Open.

Step 5

When you locate the document file, click on Add document.

Note: If a document to be added has a few pages, upload each page separately (by clicking on Browse
every time). Finally, you add all pages of the document by clicking on Add document.

Step 6

After uploading all the documents click on Save. The documents will be sent to the Customer Service Department and be verified.