How to use the list of archived offers?

To access the list of archived offers submitted by your company, go to the Management Panel, click Offers, and then click Archived.

A list of offers submitted by your company that ended up with establishing a cooperation or have become obsolete will be displayed in a table. If you want the offers submitted by you to be displayed first, select the Display my offers first option.

In order to view the detailed information on a specific offer, and the operations that can be performed in connection with it, simply click on it. Additional information on the archived offer will be displayed on the right side.

You can examine the history of a given offer, view its details and create a note.

Using the drop-down menu, you can search for loads or vehicles that meet the criteria of your offer, share the offer with the counterparties, create a template or add a note.
You can resubmit the offer by clicking Resubmit/Add Again.