How to start vehicle tracking with FrameLogic?

Vehicle tracking on the System maps is activated based on the system that you use to track the location of vehicles. Therefore, first you have to integrate FrameLogic with the system used in your company.

Step 1

Turn on the System maps and go to the GPS tab.
Select your current vehicle tracking service provider in your company.


Step 2

After selecting the provider, fill in the information required to log in. In the case of FrameLogic, it will be the server (domain) name, login and password. Log in to the system after selecting the box with the consent to the storage of data necessary to locate vehicles.

Step 3

Select the vehicles available in your tracking system that will also be tracked in System. You can add a vehicle from the list as a new one, ignore a vehicle, change the name of a previously integrated vehicle or delete it. To complete the integration process, click on “Save changes”.


Step 4

You will see the integration confirmation window showing detailed information about the vehicles imported to System.

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