How to report a transport debt?

The feature of reporting a debtor can be found in the exhange. In Trans 5 and web app: Tools > TransInkasso. Then at Transinkasso site click the green buton: Report debtor.

Step 1

To Debt recovery order form input information about the debt and the debtor and then click the button Next.

Step 2

Enter data of the invoice which the debt concerns. To add more invoices click the +Add button.

You can also attach files of documents connected o the case (unpaid invoices and / or notes, the contract / order the transport, shipping documents). Just drag and drop the file in the defined area, or click the Add Files button, select a file from your computer and then click Open.
After adding invoices, click Next.
Step 3

In the order confirmation window check if all provided details are correct. To send the order, read the rules and check the box with the agreement. Click Confirm.

Step 4

The order goes to employees TransInkasso immediately after sending, and its implementation starts the same day.

The basis for the execution of the order is an agreement with TransInkasso. Please send two originals of the Agreement and Power of Attorney, to the following address:

Inkasso Logintrans Sp. o.o. Sp. k. ul. Racławicka 2-4, 53-146 Wroclaw. To speed up processing, you can send a copy of the signed contract on