How to import offers from a csv file?

An offer import feature is instantly available to all users of System.
Click to download >>

In result, you can quickly post many offers without the need for repeated completing a load or vehicle form.

Step 1

In the messenger or exchange window choose More options and Offer import.

Step 2

Click on Choose file to upload a file from your computer.

Instructions for proper .csv file creation >>

After entering data save a file in CSV format with these settings:
- Coding: UTF-8
- Separator: ; (semicolon)
- Text box marking: “” (text put in quotation marks)

Step 3

Click on Start import in order to import offers to System.

Step 4

When you enter the data, the System will inform you on the number of imported lines with details and their correctness.
In order to post imported offers on System exchange, click on Yes, I want to post offers. To import a file with details again, click on Back.

Step 5

Posting imported offers on the exchange will be confirmed by the system message.