Why did my status in the system switch to „Unavailable”?

The problem is sometimes connected with the Internet connection quality. With the slower connection
or custom configuration (firewall, router) similar situations occur but we have no influence on them.
Please check Internet tools configuration and make sure that these ports are not blocked: 21, 80, 443, 1001, 8074.

Such a problem may sometimes be caused by Trans configuration files. In order to fix this:

  • export contacts to file (Contacts / Export contact list to a file),
  • turn off Trans (CLOSE option),
  • go to Trans setup file (default path – c:/program files/trans),
  • remove files configX-Y.dat and contactsX-Y.dat (where X-Y stands for your TransId),
  • restart Trans and see how it works,
  • if everything is fine, import contacts (Contacts / Import contact list from file),
  • check your firewall configuration settings.